About Us

“The histories of great nation are the history of great men.”

This assertion holds true for any nation. For instance, it may be ahistorical to write American history without reference to Thomas Jepherson, Abraham Lincoln or Franklin D. Roosevelt. In fact, it is like writing the contemporary history of South Africa, without Nelson Mandel and others. Indeed, great men make empires and nations. This assertion also goes to kingdoms, empires and ethnic nationalities among the Niger delta tribes. It is on the premises that the www.timelesspersons.com was
established in 2017 for publishing biographies of great minds, so we don’t forget.. www.timelesspersons.com is open to every well meaning individuals in the Niger Delta for posting a story of any long forgotten personality who must have done well in his/her sojourn on planet earth.

Unless otherwise noted, biographies are published by Johnson Abali for now.
The Timeless Persons Blog was founded by Johnson Abali in 2017.
I founded Timeless Persons because:
  • I have always been interested in finding out about people.
  • I have an interest in history, especially modern history.
  • I want to keep memories of our past alive and unity families.
  • I enjoy finding out about new inspiring people from history.
  • I’ve always had an interest in issues, such as  human rights, inspirational persons and technology

Notes about Timeless Persons

  • I use US-English typography. Spelling may be slightly different to British-English. (e.g. colour vs color)
  • If you see anything that needs correcting, please let me know. (info@timelesspersons.com)