Alabo Bourdilon Tonipre Christian Epe (1939-2007)

Alabo Bourdilon Tonipre Christian Epe was a Public Relations Manager at Rivbank Insurance, an Entertainment Consultant and a Movie Star in the 80’s.

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Actor, Insurer, Sport Organizer

Alabo Bourdilon Tonipre Christian Epe was a Public Relations Manager at Rivbank Insurance, an Entertainment Consultant and a Movie Star in the 80’s.


Alabo Bourdilon Tonipre Christian Epe was an award-winning Insurer and actor born in 1939 in Twon-brass Island, Bayelsa state, Nigeria. He was famous for acting in many soap operas and theater plays of the 80’s, a notable he starred was “Inside Out” he was the Mr. Amadioha. He also had a good time as a Public Relations Manager at Rivbank Insurance and later became Chief in Kemmer-ama, Twon Brass Island. Alabo Bourdilon Tonipre Christian Epe was diagnosed with stroke and died in 2007.

Early Life

Bourdy, B.T., B.T.C as fondly called by his friends and family alike was born on 4 May, 1939 to the family of predeceased Mr. Atelstant Christian Epe and also predeceased Mrs. Stella Christian Epe. both natives of Kemmer town in Twon-Brass Island, Brass Local area of Bayelsa state. After the death of his parents, Alabo Bourdilon Tonipre Christian Epe stayed with his uncle who had a great influence on his life by catering for his well-being and education, he was able to finish his standard six at St. Barnabas Anglican School in 1956 with distinction.

Thereafter, he proceeded to Lagos to seek for greener pastures, there he was when the Nigerian civil war broke between 1967 and 1969. He worked at different times both in private and public sector, however, he called it quit in Lagos after the Nigeria Civil War in 1969 to Rivers State which was newly created by the then Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon.

An Insurer

In 1972, he got a job with Rivbank Insurance Company Limited as one of their pioneer staff. He worked diligently and meticulously during his sojourn, with the Rivbank which earned him several awards and courses. In his pursuits, in 1979, he left the shores of Nigeria to West Germany to enhance his knowledge on Insurance Management. B.T.C as was fondly called became an excellent Insurance guru, which was seen by his contemporaries especially within Rivbank circles as Mr. Insurance. At Rivbank Insurance he rose to the rank as Public Relations Manager and retired in 1997 after putting in Twenty-Five (25) years of meritorious services.

An Actor

From 1983 to 1989, even as he was working with Rivbank insurance, acting almost took over his career as an Insurer. He acted in so many plays viz. both on Live Stages and Television sets. Prominent among them was the popular television soap opera called “Inside Out” produced by Comish Ekiye, on the cast were Alabo Bourdilon Tonipre Christian Epe as Sunny Amadioha (Managing Director); Babara Soky as Rosemary; Adiele Oyediba as Frank Gogo; Abraham Aimaku as Ken Chukwuma; Doye Agama as Gabe Peterside. This soap-opera “inside-out” was so interesting then it encouraged my families to be glued to their television boxes, culminating in uniting and strengthening the home front.

In the 80’s Alabo Bourdilon Tonipre Christian Epe was a Grand Lager Beer Ambassador, he posed on several billboards, posters and television commercials sponsored by Grand Bottling Company (a Brewing Beer Company owned by the old Rivers state government – Pabod Breweries Limited).

His Sports Life and Promoter

Alabo Bourdilon Tonipre Christian Epe played football in the Sixties 60’s with the likes of former National Team Coach Sebastian Broderick in Lagos.

The game of wrestling was his favorite, so in the cause of this, he was appointed Vice Chairman of Rivers State Amateur Wrestling Association and later Chairman of the Association for Eight years (1980-1988). As he was then Chairman of the Association, he organized so many wrestling events across the old Rivers State. It was on record, Alabo Bourdilon Tonipre Christian Epe, organized the biggest wrestling contest, which was staged at Brass Island between Irigha Eferebo and Jackson Bidei.

Whatsoever we have over-loved, idolized, and leaned upon, God has from time to time broken it, and made us to see the vanity of it; so that we find the readiest course to be rid of our comforts is to set our hearts inordinately upon them.

— John Flavel

Family and Residence

Alabo Bourdilon Tonipre Christian Epe was married to Mrs. Olayefa Epe in1965 and they had 12 children, after retirement from screenplays and even as an Insurer with Rivbank Insurance Limited, he got a property at Federal Housing Estate Road 2, Flat 12A, Agip Estate, Rumueme Mile 4, Port Harcourt, River State as his own residence.

His last Days

He was installed as a Chief in his community called Kemmer town on August 6, 2005 by His Royal Majesty King Alfred Diete Spiff (Amayenabo of Twon-Brass).

Alabo Bourdilon Tonipre Christian Epe was hit by acute Stroke (this is an ailment due to a decrease or blockage in the brain’s blood supply), and he died on the 23 November, 2007 and was buried afterwards on 30 May, 2008 according to the traditional rites of the Nembe people.

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