Anthony Ronari Orubo (1953-2014)

Late Anthony Ronari Orubo (aka Mr Tee) was from Otuabagi community in Ogbia kingdom of Bayelsa state. He was quite a remarkable soul that kept giant footprints on the sands of time in the old Rivers state. A pacesetter was Mr Tee; he coined and managed businesses that imparted the landscape of Port Harcourt city.

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Entertainment Mogul, Businessman, Administrator, Evangelist

Mr Tee as fondly called was an entertainment mogul of the late 70’s, and 90’s in Port Harcourt. While many of his contemporaries were complacent with their parent’s wealth and achieving nothing, Mr. Anthony Ronari Orubo was busy calling the shots in businesses and creating wealth. He established sought after nite clubs, pubs, etc. Anthony Ronari Orubo was a Commissioner representing Bayelsa state in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Board.

Who was Anthony Ronari Orubo?

Born on 15 December, 1953 to the family of late Chief Robebe Sylvanus Orubo and late Mrs Bernice Orubo (nee Idumesaro). His parents were relatively rich, so he had a good upbringing in his formative age in Lagos where he was born. An ambitious young man that ventured into stuffs that the fainthearted won’t ever dare was Tony Orubo. He was a stalwart fellow who had an excellent career in the entertainment industry and business jungle of old Rivers state. In the 1980s, handsome, elegant looking and unyielding Tony Orubo coined/co-founded the following businesses in Port Harcourt: Music Machine (a night club), Balcony (a modern pub), Goldmine, Clippers (a modern barbershop) and lots more. He colorized and conquered the Port Harcourt with his ideas and demeanor. A notable friend for friend and foe for foe was Mr. Tee; He could go extra mile for any confidant therefore he was loved and famous. Sometime in 2003, the late D.S.P Alamiesyeseigha a former Governor found him worthy to serve the Bayelsa state government. He was appointed Executive Secretary. Center for Youth Development, Yenagoa. His administrative prowess found expression and he took the agency to admirable heights. Subsequently, he was appointed Commissioner representing Bayelsa state in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Board. Mr Tony Orubo took ill of a terminal disease that led to his death in 2014. He was 61 years old.

Birth and Education

Mr. Tee as fondly call was born in Lagos, Nigeria on 15th December 1953, he was the third child of his parents. No doubt, he was quite handsome and admirable. At age 2, he was enrolled into the Nursery section at the prestigious Ladi-Lak institute, Yaba-Lagos, a nursery and primary institution managed by Expatriates and alongside Nigerians at the time. He was the fortunate one among his siblings to enjoy such privilege. Thereafter, in 1965, he was at the famous Government College Afikpo, Eastern-Nigeria (now in Ebonyi state) for his secondary education.

In 1967, the Nigeria civil war erupted and his education was abruptly stalled. The Orubo’s family relocated to their village (Otuabagi) for refuge. Tony was unfamiliar with the village settings, for 1967 was his first outing to such environment. Tony mingled with the people and gained their ultimate trust despite his charming features (curly hairs, huge appearance, fair complexion, sexy eyes etc) that engaged their thoughts.

After the civil war in 1969, Rivers state was created and established. Tony now lived in Port Harcourt. He started his education at the famous Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Borokiri. Government Comprehensive Secondary School at the time that was among the best schools in Rivers state, therefore discipline and due diligence was of the essences. It was narrated, Tony was a handful and a menace to the school authority and so he was expelled. However, the Okrika Grammar School (OGS where his dad also attended and graduated with flying colors) had a place for Tony. He diligently completed is secondary education at OGS in 1973. Subsequently, Tony flew overseas precisely the United Kingdom for the furtherance of his education. Unassuming Tony was in London learning the craft of entertainment and entrepreneur development.

[36] For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
 [37] Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?
[38] Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.
~Mark 8:36-38

Career life

After his United Kingdom sojourn, in 1980, Tony an enigma started some strings of businesses in Port Harcourt.

His first outing was in the music industry, he was a music colossus. Tony came from the London to Nigeria with good music LPs and EPs, especially the rock reggae genre. He was an amazing Disc Jockey (DJ) and a music library in Port Harcourt supporting Radio Rivers, Port Harcourt. The likes of Mablas Macaulay Akpuluma Jr and others of Radio Rivers FM were his contemporaries and they benefited from his music collections.

Tony electrified the radio airwaves of Port Harcourt with good musics (Disco Funk and Rock Reggae Jams) as he was a frequent guest presenter at the station. He made the Port Harcourt residence clued to Radio Rivers FM and love good musics because of his impeccable presentations.

Before long, he became a sought after in the DJ business. He rendered professional DJ services to the Port Harcourt residence and earned legitimate money. His brand name was DJ Tony Jenkins.

Thereafter, he saw the need of colorizing the nightlife of Port Harcourt. Tony and friends started the “Founders 15” a top rated musical band that dominated the city. This group band took Port Harcourt by storm. He was the resident Manager of the group.

Subsequently, in 1982, he co-founded the “Music Machine” nite club strategical located at (adjacent to Leventis motors workshop) Aba road, Port Harcourt. With this outfit, he conquered the hearts and minds of men and women of the city, even though there were competitors like the Aquarium, Modus etc. Still, the Music Machine became a top-rated nite club too in Port Harcourt.

Again, he saw the need for enhancing the pub and eatery services of the city. In 1984, he co-founded the first in Port Harcourt Modern Pub along Aggrey road by Ilorine street called “Balcony”. His partner in this Pub enterprise was late Mr Frank Jumbo (Jumbo Lee) who was his special friend. It was narrated, the Pub was a meeting venue of the mainstream “the who is who of Port Harcourt” then. But unfortunately, the business never stood the test of time as it was closed to the public, due to obvious disagreement between the partners (Mr Tee and Jumbo Lee).

Resilient Mr. Tee, went on to establish another outfit in 1986 which was called Goldmine (a modern gambling and casino spot). It was situated at Aggrey Road too. This outfit was also co-owned. HH Mallsasime was a stakeholder. The Goldmine was a preferable pleasure hangout for the city’s socialites and upwardly men and women. In 1987, the Goldmine eventually metamorphosed into the “Black and White” and it thrived.

Unrelenting Mr Tee in the same 1986, went further to establish the first ever modern Barbershop in Port Harcourt city. It was aptly called the “Clippers”. The Clippers shop was strategically located at 92 Aggrey road (67 Bus stop, precisely-opposite the cemetery road junction). This was also a notable hangout of Port Harcourt bigwigs. Then barbering services as such was quite expensive. Suffice it to say, it was Tony’s barbershop that led the way for the modern barbering enterprise in the old Rivers state and beyond.

Later on, when the NAFCON fertilizer processing industry was established in the 90s. Mr Tee and Jumbo Lee reunited in business to setting-up a topnotch cafeteria for the industry. NAFCON catering center was managed by the duos and they delivered the needed satisfactory meals for the management between 1989 and 1990. This business also thrived.

In 1996, when Bayelsa state was created, Tony was a man of innate business ideas. He established a vehicle sales depot in the Yenagoa capital city with the sole purpose of selling used and brand new cars to the Ijaw people. It was called “Calvary Motors”. It was strategically located along the Lambert Eradiri Road just before the Bayelsa Environmental And Sanitation Authority Office.

For the record, Tony established Calvary motors in Port Harcourt before setting up a branch in Yenagoa city. Calvary Motors was located at Aba road opposite the Presidential Hotels

In 2003, he was appointed Executive Secretary for Youth Development, Yenagoa under the administration of the Late ex-Governor D.S.P Alamieyeseigha, he was challenged to bring his organizational and entrepreneurial prowess closer home to nurture up and coming generations. He succeeded on the mandates given him by the Governor.

The golden fish can’t hide. In 2009, he was recommended by Chief Timipre Sylva the then Executive Governor of Bayelsa state to represent Bayelsa state in NDDC Board (A Niger delta intervention agency). His nomination was overly accepted by the federal government and he served on the NDDC board till 2011 when the board was dissolved.

In his spry years, He was a notable dapper, very resplendent and also an epitome of style. The charming Port Harcourt ladies fell for Tony. No doubt, he dresses to impress. He had a brand new latest Datsun Cherry Car and he had it painted 77. The car zooms and booms with the latest and lovers rock reggae which till death was his favorite music. In addition, he was a staunched member of the Port Harcourt club. He joined fold formerly on the 18 Nov, 2009.

Mr Tee was a very amiable character and most of all deeply values his friends. Always ready to wild and fight for his friends. Be it right or wrong so far as you are a true confidant.


Anthony Ronari Orubo had relationships with numerous ladies in his active days in Port Harcourt and beyond. He never walked down the aisle with any woman, but he had a son that is doing so well presently.

In his last days, Tony was no more in the limelight as he turned over a new leaf; he realized his mistakes in life. He made peace his God and everyone he might have trespassed in the past. It was told, he gave his life to Christ Jesus and even went to a pastoral school and graduated afterwards. He got a deeper relationship with God through the Bible and he preached to others..

His Death

Anthony Ronari Orubo aka Mr Tee took ill of a terminal related affliction that sadly resulted in his demise on the 14th of August 2014. He was buried on the 26 September, 2014 at his home town in Otuabagi town in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsastate.

Anthony Ronari Orubo aka Mr Tee came, saw and conquered.

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