Augustine Angasei Ekeowei (1939-1993)

Augustine Angasei Ekeowei was a notable and astute police officer that got rid of crimes from major towns and highways in Nigerian during the 1970s and 1980s.

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A Police Officer

Augustine Angasei Ekeowei was a notable and astute police officer that got rid of crimes from major towns and highways in Nigerian during the 1970s and 1980s.


Augustine Angasei Ekeowei (1939-1993) hails from Azuzama community of Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. He was an award winning police officer that fought and conquered crime with all vigor. Moreover, he was best known for his abhorrence for illegality even within and out of his profession. He lived a happy and contented life, irrespective of the meager earnings of the Nigerian Police Force at the time. Augustine Angasei Ekeowei an Anglican and died in 1993 at the age of 54.

His Parents and Birth

Augustine Angasei Ekeowei’s father was Angasei Ekeowei (now late) of Azuzama town and his mother was Kefini Ekeowei (now late) of Lobia community all in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. He was born in October 1939 thereabout at Azuzama community in Southern Nigeria. He was the last child of a family of 5 (five) children. Augustine Angasei Ekeowei was relatively from a humble and lowly background.

Education and Career

Unassuming and humble to a fault, Augustine Angasei Ekeowei attended the Bishop Crowther Memorial School, Abonnema, Southern Nigeria (now Rivers State) in the mid-1940s for his primary education, and obtained his first school leaving certificate. He was quite intelligent and it adjudged, he have made the best result at the school.

Unfortunately, Augustine Angasei Ekeowei could not attend any secondary school at the time probably due to lack of funds. All through the mid-1950s he lived and planned for his lifelong goal of a career in law enforcement with his maternal uncle His Highness Chief Jephthah Okowuru Pulotua a conscientious and kind-hearted policeman at Enugu Eastern Nigeria.

However, Chief Pulotua who died on 2 May, 1978, was a benefactor to Augustine Angasei Ekeowei and many other central Ijaws (Lobia, Ukubie, Apoi Azuzama etc) in the 40s; he assisted Augustine Angasei’s to be enlisted in the Nigeria police force.

In 1960, Augustine Angasei Ekeowei went through the Nigerian Police Training school at Enugu, Eastern-Nigeria and was recruited as a Constable. Thereafter, he was posted to Ukwale in Mid-Western Nigeria from 1960 to 1962. Furthermore, he was at Ibadan, Western-Nigeria for six months in 1962 and was later transferred to Sapele, Bendel state. Consequently, in 1967, he was also transferred to Benin City, also in old Bendel state.

Augustine Angasei Ekeowei was incarcerated during Nigeria civil war of 1967 to 1969 due to his refusal to fight for the Nigeria side.

Afterwards, he was released when the civil war ended and was stationed in Lagos, the then capital of Nigeria. In the mid-1970s to the 1980’s, he was promoted District Police Officer (DPO) and was transferred to communities like Andoni, Bonny, Nkoro, Rumukurushi, Rumuokoro, Kaiama, Aleibiri etc. in the old Rivers State. Then, he was transferred to Airport Police Station Calabar in Cross Rivers State. Lastly, he was transferred to Rivers state again and made Officer-in-Charge of payment (OC-Pay) at the Police Headquarters Moscow Road Port Harcourt, Rivers State till his untimely death in 1993. Police officer Augustine Angasei Ekeowei rose through the ranks and exited as a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

Major Achievements

Augustine Angasei Ekeowei was noted for his intelligence right from his schooldays, and his gallant prowess during his life time as a member of the Nigeria Police which led to his bagging several commendations awards from the Nigeria Police. Some of his other notable achievements which he talked about often, were his service as an agent provocateur to apprehend some organized armed robbers in Lagos, re-arresting a woman after about 10 years of escape from police custody, gallantly laying a 2-day siege on robbers’ hideout somewhere around Kaiama town (east-west road axis) and successfully apprehending them etc. Most outstanding of his qualities were his honesty and discipline which were so glaring and remarkable. He also had a remarkable conviction for his job as a police officer and its invaluable purpose in the society. Being a police officer was all he wanted, it was his calling and he loved his job.

His qualities

He was a meticulous, strict and an honest police officer. Moreover, he ensures conflicts matters at the moment are professionally handled to conclusion. Augustine Angasei Ekeowei was a workaholic.

Personal life

Augustine Ekeowei was a polygamist. He got married to Mrs. Waribukor Ekeowei his first wife in 1962 and later got married to Mrs. Blessing in 1967 and nonetheless he was blessed with 16 dutiful children. He was an amiable guardian and excellent family architect. In spite of his busy schedules as a police officer, he finds time to teach his children at home and even checks their academic performances at their various schools. Above all, he lived a contented family life during his sojourn as a police officer irrespective of the poor salaries of the Nigeria Police Force at the time.

His Faith

Augustine Angasei Ekeowei was a devout Christian who though claimed to be of the Anglican faith, never attended any church or Christian organization regularly, but would always study the bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses, and would regularly teach his children from the scriptures.

Illness and Death

Augustine Angasei Ekeowei died sometime in March 1993 in Port Harcourt, Rivers state after battling with cancer for about four months. He was 54 years old.

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