Ayibatari Mac-Fisi (1957-2022)

Ayibatari Mac-Fisi hails from Agbobiri-Okordia community, Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa state. He qualified as an impressive livestock and veterinary officer of old Rivers state. He also contributed towards the development of politics in Bayelsa state as he was once the Secretary, Yenagoa Local Government Council. Also, he kept giant imprint on the hearts many as he imparted them with his unquenchable kindness and love.

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Evangelist, Veterinarian, Politician, Farmer

OKUTUKUTU-Ayibatari Mac-Fisi, 65, passed away unexpectedly on Nov. 25, 2022 at his Okutukutu residents Yenagoa, Bayelsa state. He was born on Oct. 22, 1957 in Agbobiri-Okordia community, Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa state to predeceased Apinaowei Fisi and late Karunah Fisi. On till his demise, He was the only surviving child of his parents. Daa as fondly called in his formative age in Agbobiri-Okordia community lose his dad to the cold hands of death at a tender age and leaving the responsibility of parental care to his mother. The late Karunah Fisi was an industrious farmer with blessed fingers that ensures her son got the best in life. However, Daa was very hardworking, and dutiful as he supported his mother in her farming-trade and even so, they both succeeded in life.


At quite a young age, he received his Primary education at Okordia/Zarama. Thereafter, he proceeded to the Kaiama Grammar School for his post-primary education. He was the Dinning Hall Prefect in the 1977 set. Consequently, in the early 80’s he studied at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (now Rivers State University) and graduated in 1982. Still not satisfied, he attended Michael Okpara College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences in Umuagwo, Imo state in the mid-80s where he graduated in 1986. Suffice it to underscore, Ayibatari Mac-Fisi remains one of the best Livestock professional the Ijaw nation has ever had.

Career Life

Ayibatari Mac-Fisi went to have a long civil service career in old Rivers state and later in Bayelsa state from 1978 to 2013. He was a formidable livestock and veterinary officer at the Ministry of Agriculture. With his job as a livestock officer he diligently worked at several locations/communities of old rivers state. He was results oriented in his civil service days besides, his notable philosophy known by his friends and colleagues alike was “Tomorrow Is Another Day”. He gave in his best and retired meritoriously from the civil service better than he found it.


Suffice it to say, besides working as a civil servant, he was an astute businessman. In the 90s, he had an awesome Dog Kennel and Veterinary outfit in Port Harcourt city that was a sought after by the Multinational Oil and Gas firms and even private individuals. His outfit leased out special dogs for security purposes. He prosecuted the business professionally and earned a good living in old Rivers state then.

In the late 90s, he was involved in politics, but though not a desperate type. All the same, in the murky waters of Nigeria politics, he got a his fair share of betrayals and disappointments but nonetheless he smiled as usual and moved on.

Gracefully, he was once the Secretary, Yenagoa Local Government Council that was during the reign of late Anthony John as Chairman in 2004 and also he was appointed Special Adviser to the Secretary of the State Government (SSG) on Community Matters in 2003.

Subsequently. He vied for the office of Mayor Yenagoa Local Government Council in 2008 thereabout. He was billed for flying his party (the People Democratic Party) in the Local Government elections, but suddenly, Ayibatari Mac-Fisi nomination as preferred candidate was changed to someone else. This was a huge disappointment he encountered during his sojourn in politics.

His retirement from the civil service in 2013 was never a doldrums, Evangelist, Hon. Ayibatari Mac-Fisi went into farming using his Okutukutu residence as one of his farms. In his compound, he had a flourishing vegetable/fruits vineyard, an Aqua fish farm, Plantain farm etc. Truly, his farming venture was a huge success as he also earned a good living from the proceeds of the farm.

His Agony

It is important to state here, after his retirement in 2013, the Bayelsa state Government over the years did not pay him his entitlement (Gratuity). This was a major setback and concern for Evangelist, Hon. Ayibatari Mac-Fisi till his untimely demise at his Okutukutu residence.


Evangelist, Hon. Ayibatari Mac-Fisi married his heartthrob Mrs Alaere Ann Mac-Fisi (nee weigha). They were happily married for over 40 years. It is overly known by the neighbors, and friends alike they were united in love and best of friends. He had 9 children and numerous grandchildren.


Ayibatari Mac-Fisi and his wife were baptized into the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star in 1980 thereabout. As a staunched member of the fold, he was once the Bethel Administrator of Ahoada Pentecostal center in the old Rivers state and also a pioneering chorister while dedicating his life to the pursuit of God. It was at No. 51 Ngo Pentecostal Center in Port Harcourt, he got ordained as an Evangelist and he later rose to the position as Chairman of the Bethel Choir. In 1996, as Bayelsa state was created, he left Port Harcourt and worshiped at the Amarata Bethel, where he also served as the Bayelsa state’s Auditor and Chairman of the Education Fellowship. Later, he relocated to the Ede-pie Bethel, which is located under the Agudama zone. Till his untimely demise, he acted in these capacities: Patron of the Bethel; Vice Chairman of the Men’s Fellowship.

His Strength

Hon. Ayibatari Mac-Fisi will always be remembered as incredibly kind, a giver, thoughtful and friendly. He was a great supporter of his children, especially his daughter’s educational endeavors.

In his formative age, his passion for the game of football was unbearable. He featured as an excellent footballer who won laurels for his Secondary school team and the Okordia community. Subsequently, he sustained an injury that stalled his soccer ambition.

Also, Ayibatari Mac-Fisi’s story won’t be complete without mentioning his love for good musics. The Reggae music was his favorite genre, especially Bob Marley and The Wailers, Don Carlos, UB40 etc. He was a staunched member of the Port Harcourt Reggae club back in the 80s that lite the city with the reggae culture. In addition, till his demise, he was never disconnected with his Alma mater (Kaiama Grammar School Set ‘77). He featured greatly in all their meetings, it was at such meetings he sometimes finds happiness and drew strength to go on. The Kaiama Grammar School Set ‘77 will greatly miss him.

Evangelist, Hon. Ayibatari Mac-Fisi was survived by his spouse Mrs Alaere Ann Mac-Fisi; Daughters: Gold Nyekefamo Jimiro, Ebifate James Guide-me, Inebimo Sandra Ile, Erebi Fyness Mac-Fisi, and Dr. Princess Pere-ere Mac-Fisi; Sons: Kenneth Mac-Fisi, George Mac-Fisi, Owen Mac-Fisi; 12 Grandchild, 2 Daughters-in-law, and relations too numerous to mention.


Evangelist, Hon. Ayibatari Mac-Fisi a good and easy going man shall be interred at his home town in Okordia on the 17 December, 2022. However, all condolences may be left on this dedicate blog post on his honor or on our #timeless persons facebook page.

"Jesus said to her, 'I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.' ”~ John 11:25-26See funeral booklet

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