Ebikebina Tantua (1929-2014)

Ebikebina Tantua was a school founder and famous philanthropist in the 1970s and 1990s that have produced

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Engineer Proprietor Philanthropist

Ebikebina Tantua was a school founder and famous philanthropist in the 1970s and 1990s that have produced thousands of students in Ghana and Nigeria who are graduates and are impacting our society.


EBIKEBINA TANTUA was an award-winning schools proprietor and philanthropist, born on June 12, 1929, in Amassoma, Bayelsa State. He became known when he established a well-equipped International school in Ghana and later in Nigeria which is still offering quality educational services. He died at 85 years.

 Early Years

Ebikebina Tantuawasborn on 12 June 1929 in Amassoma, Bayelsa State and lived as the only surviving son after the death of his brother Goldpin Tantua. The names of his parents are late Mr. John Tantua and late Mrs. Ovuregha Tantua and were both descendants of Amassoma.

Ebikebina Tantua did his primary education at St. Stephen’s School, Amassoma, from 1943 to 1948.

After his elementary education, in 1950 he travelled to France to further his education under the auspices of Industrial Training Programming, where he got trained as an engineer. 

On completion of his course in France, Ebikebina Tantua was employed as an engineer with Shell Petroleum and Wayne Incorporation. 

His Journeys

Ebikebina Tantua travelled through the sponsorship of his cousin, late Andrew Sikpi who resides in Ghana then, to some African countries like Ivory Coast, Senegal and later Europe: France and he settled in Ghana before returned to Nigeria in 1983. 

As School Proprietor

He established Tantua International School Dansoma, Ghana in 1970 and did likewise back home in Nigeria by establishing Tantua International Nursery, Primary and High School at Elekahia Housing Estate, Port Harcourt in 1987.

Ebikebina Tantua also established a similar school in Tantua Ama Amassoma which inspired others to follow suit in the setting up of schools such as Sharp International School, Fortunate Primary and Secondary School, Fata International School, all his in hometown Amassoma, Bayelsa State.  

In his pursuit for ultimate education, he got approval in principle from Nigeria Universities Commission to establish a private university, Tantua University, for which he had acquired a large piece of land at Ogobiri community, Bayelsa State. 

He was also an active member of Schools’ Proprietors Association of Nigeria.

Other Endowments

He was an astute businessman beside his stint as an educationist. In 2012, he established a hospital in his hometown, Tantua Cottage Hospital, which provided and till this day still provides inhabitants of his hometown with affordable medical healthcare. Also, he set up a market in his hometown that helped with the movement of goods and services.

Social Engineer And Political leader

  • In 1988, Ebikebina Tantua was a Councilor ward 17 in the Yenagoa Local Government Council in old Rivers State.
  • HRH Ebikebina Tantua founded Tantua Ama community and as such held the title of AMAKOROMO-Owei of Tantua Ama.
  • In 1991, he was conferred with the title Tiangbe II by the Tiangbe family of Efeke-ama Amassoma.
  • In 1999, he was elected as BIRINANAOWEI of OKPODUBIRI.
  • In 2003, he further aspired for the chieftaincy tool of EBENANAOWEI of OGBOIN kingdom, but it never materialized due to his age then.
  • Every 14 February, Tantua usually dispensed favours of monetary supports to Widows and Elderly in Amassoma. He embarked on this gesture way back 1999.
  • HRH Ebikebina Tantua was at the verge of construction of the Amassoma – Tombia road with initial works of clearing and survey of the road before the then Executive Governor DSP Alamesiagha took up the construction of the road.
  • In 2002, He was appointed as justices of the peace, he fondly raised a Tantua court of justice wherein he held sway bringing justice, counselling and wisdom to various issues that unsettled the society around him.
  • In 2004, HRH Ebikebina Tantua masterminded the extension of Glo Services telecommunication provider to Amassoma.

Chief Tantua’s life is saturated in service as he lent support to Ijaws in Ghana and sought to keep Ijaw culture heritage alive in Ghana as he instituted the traditional wrestling contest in Ghana and down to the grassroots, he actively supported the culture of his people.

His Family

He was a polygamist. HRH Ebikebina Tantua had so many wives and his children which were about Thirty-Nine.

Religious Life

He was a member of the Anglican faith. He attended St. Stephen Anglican Church Amassoma and his works were spectacular in the Lord’s vineyard; he supported the building of St. Stephen Anglican edifice in Tantua ama, Amassoma and met the materials of members of the fold.

He raised a family of Christian values, culture and devotion to education. 

When Did HRH Ebikebina Tantua Die?

HRH Ebikebina Tantua died on 9 December 2014 at Port Harcourt and buried on March 2015 according to the burial rites of the Ijaw people. 

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