Florence Akporero (1938-2020)

Elder Rev. Mrs. Florence Akporero achieved success as a thriving businesswoman during the 1970s. Subsequently, she pursued a career in education, becoming a certified teacher who imparted knowledge to numerous students in the former Bendel State. Most importantly, she was a dedicated disciple of Jesus Christ.

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Businesswoman, Educationist, Evangelist

Elder Rev. Mrs. Florence Akporero was a savvy entrepreneur during the early 1970s. She gained renown as a woman of profound faith, imparting the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ to her children and others

Elder Rev. Mrs Florence Akporero’s Birth and Parents

Reverend Mrs. (Elder) Florence Akporero (née Ozomaro) came into the world on the 26th of June 1938 as the firstborn child of her parents, the late Christopher and Hope Ozomaro. Her father, Christopher Ozomaro, was a successful and astute businessman who had early interactions with the colonialists.

He achieved the remarkable feat of constructing the first-ever storey building in her hometown, Ozoro, which serves as the headquarters of Isoko North Local Government Area in Delta State, Nigeria. This historic structure, completed in 1926, still stands today, situated near Ala Square, within the traditional precinct where the founder of Ozoro, Opute, is honored with a statue

Education and Career Life

Florence commenced her primary education at Amawhe Primary School in Ozoro, where she not only excelled academically but also earned numerous academic awards. Her exceptional intelligence caught the attention of a young teacher named Daniel Akporero, who was assigned to her school. Their connection grew stronger, leading to their marriage in 1960, shortly after her father’s passing. Unfortunately, Mr. Ozomaro’s untimely death disrupted his daughter’s educational pursuits for some time.

In a reflection of her father’s entrepreneurial spirit, Florence embarked on a trading business to support her husband’s educational aspirations. Remarkably, she played a pivotal role in encouraging Daniel Akporero, who was initially a grade 3 teacher, to pursue a university degree at the University of Ibadan.

Her Husband

Mrs. Akporero took on the role of the family’s primary provider while her husband pursued his three-year degree in Theatre Arts/English at the University of Ibadan, graduating with a second-class upper degree. Her husband, Reverend Daniel Uzuazano Akporero, affectionately known as ‘Mr. English,’ sadly passed away on July 4, 2011.

During this period, Reverend Mrs. Akporero transitioned from her modest trading ventures to the supply of building materials and ultimately became a successful contractor during the late Brigadier General (Dr.) Samuel Ogbemudia’s government.

However, following a change of government in 1976, due to the tragic assassination of the former Head of State, Major General Murtala Muhammed, and the ascension of General Aremu Matthew Obasanjo as Head of State, her business faced significant challenges. The new regime declined to honor certified contracts, causing financial distress for many contractors.

Undeterred by adversity, the resolute Reverend Florence Akporero returned to her educational pursuits. In 1976, she gained admission to Imaguero College in Benin City, graduating with a Teacher’s Grade II certificate in 1980. Subsequently, she continued her education journey, enrolling in the National Teacher’s Institute in Kaduna and eventually obtaining a degree in education from the prestigious University of Benin. Her linguistic abilities extended to fluent spoken English, Igbo, and Hausa.

Her Faith

Florence Akporero was a devoted follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. She initially belonged to the Anglican Communion but transitioned to the Church of God Mission in 1972 when a branch was established in Iyaro, Benin City.

Throughout her association with the Church of God Mission, she served in diverse roles, including her dedicated service as the treasurer for an impressive 35 years. Additionally, Florence Akporero offered her guidance and wisdom as a marriage counselor and held an executive position within the Christian Women Fellowship International (CWFI).

It’s worth noting that Mrs. Florence’s unwavering faith faced a significant test in 1975

The incident that occurred in 1975 stands as a testament to Florence Akporero’s unwavering faith in God. Her daughter, Joy Akporero, who was approximately two years old at the time, suffered a harrowing fall from a two-story building and was declared dead by doctors. Mrs. Akporero was advised to prepare for her child’s burial, but she adamantly rejected the doctor’s diagnosis. She insisted that she had a divine covenant with God, vowing not to bury any more of her children, having already lost five before she became a Christian (Born Again and Spirit-filled).

With resolute faith, she made her way to the Church of God Mission, seeking help from the then Bishop, Archbishop Benson Idahosa, who has since passed away. Archbishop Idahosa prayed for the child and, in his own words, was astonished by the mother’s unwavering faith. To the glory of God, Mrs. Akporero’s child miraculously survived, and today, Joy is actively engaged in Christian ministry. All glory is ascribed to God as we celebrate the remarkable faith that has preserved all her children’s lives.

Elder Rev. Mrs Florence Akporero’s Death

In the challenging year of 2020, marked by the global pandemic COVID-19, Elder Rev. Mrs. Florence Akporero faced several health battles and eventually departed to her eternal rest on the 20th of June 2020. She is survived by seven (7) children, 16 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Among her descendants is Her Royal Majesty Dr. (Barr) Dame Evangelist Josephine Diete-Spiff, the wife of the First Governor of Rivers State and the esteemed Queen of Brass Kingdom, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

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