Florence Akporero (1938-2020)

Elder Rev. Mrs Florence Akporero was a successful businesswoman in the 70s and later became a qualified teacher who taught many pupils in the old Bendel state. Above all she was a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

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Businesswoman, Educationist, Evangelist

Elder Rev. Mrs Florence Akporero was a shrewd Entrepreneur of the early 1970s. She was best known as woman of Great faith that taught her children and others the way of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Elder Rev. Mrs Florence Akporero’s Birth and Parents

Reverend Mrs. (Elder) Florence Akporero (nee Ozomaro) was born on the 26th of June 1938 to Late Christopher and Hope Ozomaro. She was the eldest child of her parents, and her father, Christopher Ozomaro, was an astute and prosperous businessman who had early contact with the white man.

He built the first storey building in her hometown, Ozoro, the headquarters of Isoko North Local Government Area, Delta State of Nigeria, in 1926. The structure still stands today close to Ala square, in the traditional place, the founder of Ozoro, Opute, had his statue.

Education and Career Life

Florence began her primary Education at Amawhe Primary school, Ozoro, where she obtained and won several academic laurels. Her intelligence attracted the young Daniel Akporero, who was posted to her school as a teacher. They were soon married in 1960 after her father’s death. Mr Ozomaro’s early demise ended his daughter’s education pursuit until much later.

Just like her father, she went into the business of trading to support her husband’s quest for education. It is on record that she encouraged Daniel Akporero, who was just a grade 3 teacher, to pursue a degree at the University of Ibadan.

Her Husband

Mrs Akporero was the family’s breadwinner during her husband’s study days. His degree spanned three years at the University of Ibadan, where he studied Theatre Arts/English.

He graduated with a second-class upper degree. Her husband Rev. Daniel Uzuazano Akporero (Mr English as fondly called) died on 4 July, 2011.

Rev Mrs Akporero grew from her petty trading into building materials supply and became a successful contractor in the late Brigadier General (Dr) Samuel Ogbemudia’s (17 September 1932 – 9 March 2017) government.

Sequel to the change of government in 1976, due to the gruesome assassination of the former Head of state Major General Murtala Muhammed, and General Aremu Matthew Obasanjo stepped in as Head of state. His saddle as head of government affected her business negatively as the new regime refused to honour the certified contracts executed and sent most contractors into bankruptcy.

However, the ever-determined goal-getting Rev. Florence Akporero went back to school. She got admitted into Imaguero College, Benin City, in 1976 and graduated with a teacher’s grade ll certificate in 1980. Thereafter, She proceeded to the National Teacher’s Institute, Kaduna and finally graduated from the prestigious University of Benin with a degree in education. She was fluent in spoken English, Ibo, and Hausa..

Her Faith

Florence Akporero was an ardent disciple of the preaching of Jesus Christ. She was in the Anglican Communion, but joined the Church of God Mission in 1972 when it opened a branch in Iyaro, Benin City.

However, she served in various capacities in the Church, including being treasurer for 35 years. Florence Akporero was a marriage counsellor and an executive member of Christian Women Fellowship International (CWFI). It is worthy of note that Mrs Florence’s faith was put to the test in 1975.

The incident in 1975 illustrated the personality of Florence Akporero’s faith in God. Her daughter Joy Akporero was about two years old when she fell from a storey building and was confirmed dead by the doctors. Mrs. Akporero was asked to bury her child. Still, she refused the doctor’s verdict, insisting she had a covenant with God not to bury any more of her children as she had already buried five before she became a Christian (Born Again and Spirit-filled). 

So, she headed for the Church, the Church of God mission to the then Bishop, Archbishop Benson Idahosa, of blessed memory. The archbishop prayed for the child and, in his own words, was astonished by the mother’s faith. Mrs. Akporero’s child survived to the Glory of God, and the Child Joy is in active Christian ministry today. To God be all the Glory as we celebrate her faith which has kept all her children alive.

Elder Rev. Mrs Florence Akporero’s Death

In 2020, the year of the dreaded global pandemic (COVID-19); Elder Rev. Mrs. Florence Akporero took ill severally and passed on to Glory on the 20th of June 2020. She was survived by Seven (7) children, 16 grandchildren and one great-grandchild, among whom is Her Royal Majesty Dr (Barr) Dame Evangelist Josephine Diete-Spiff. Wife of the First Governor of Rivers State and the Queen of Brass Kingdom, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

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