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Her Majesty, Dr. (Barr) Dame Evangelist. Josephine Diete-Spiff JP

Her Royal Highness, Dr. (Barr) Dame Evangelist Josephine Diete-Spiff JP is a humble, multifaceted, and accomplished figure from the Niger Delta region who has made a significant mark in various domains such as sports, movies, business, entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, academics, and more within the Nigerian landscape. She is undeniably a prominent supporter of numerous causes, a source of inspiration for the underprivileged, and, above all, a devoted follower of the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ

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She is most recognized as the spouse of the inaugural Governor of the former Rivers State and holds the esteemed title of Queen in the Twon Brass kingdom in Bayelsa State.

Birth and Parents

Born on January 14th, 1967, she hails from the family of the late Reverend Daniel Uzuazano Akporero and the late Mrs. Florence O. Akporero. Her parents originated from the Ozoro community in present-day Delta State, Southern Nigeria. It is important to note that her parents were individuals of great honor and deeply committed to their faith. The late Reverend Daniel Uzuazano Akporero was a remarkable communicator in the English language and a highly regarded educator who left a lasting impact in the Mid-West region of Nigeria. Alongside him, her late mother was also a prolific teacher. Together, they lived as shining examples of the Christian faith, steadfastly following the teachings of Jesus Christ until their passing. (For additional details, please refer to the biographies of late Reverend Daniel Uzuazano Akporero and the late Mrs. Florence O. Akporero).

Her Education

She was born into an academically oriented family, which afforded her the privilege of commencing her education at an early age. Her educational journey began at Ezoti Primary School in Benin City, part of the former Bendel State, spanning from 1974 to 1979, culminating in the attainment of her First School Leaving Certificate. Following this, she enrolled at Idia College in Benin City from 1980 to 1984, where she obtained her West Africa Secondary Certificate (O’Level). During her time at Idia College, she held several notable positions, including President of the Press Club from 1982 to 1984, Senior Prefect in 1983 and 1984, and Secretary of the Literary and Debating Society from 1982 to 1983.

Subsequently, she pursued a Certificate in Theater Arts in 1987. After completing her O’Level education in 1984 and obtaining her certificate in 1987, she gained admission to the esteemed University of Port Harcourt. Between 1986 and 1992, she pursued a degree in Theater Arts, earning a Bachelor of Arts (Theater Arts) upon graduation. Her time at the University of Port Harcourt was marked by active involvement in student unionism, where she became a prominent advocate for the welfare of her fellow students. From 1990 to 1991, she served as the Vice-President of the Student Union and later assumed the role of President from 1991 to 1992. Additionally, she held the position of Vice-President in the Bendel United Students Association.

She continued to pursue her passion for education and personal development by seeking further qualifications. Her academic journey led her to enroll in the Law degree program at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt (now Rivers State University) from 2002 to 2006, where she earned her LLB (Hons). Subsequently, she attended the Law School in Bwari, Abuja from 2006 to 2007, culminating in her qualification as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court and Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Josephine Diete-Spiff has a penchant for pushing boundaries and achieving excellence. In her quest for knowledge and expertise, she pursued an MBA at the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, between 2009 and 2011. Additionally, she obtained her Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) with a focus on Entrepreneurship from Walden University, USA, in 2015. Her dedication to academic pursuits is further underscored by her receipt of an honorary PhD (Philosophy) from Ashland University, Ohio, around 2004.

Her extensive experiences and diverse skill set are immeasurable. She is a certified professional in various fields, having achieved the status of a licensed Management Consultant (IMC) in 2018 through the Institute of Management Consultants. Furthermore, she holds the title of a chartered banker, certified by the Chartered Institute of Bankers Nigeria (CIBN) in 2014. She has also demonstrated a commitment to effective communication, gaining certification in French communication skills after rigorous study at Alliance Française, Port Harcourt, from 2000 to 2001.

In recent years, she has continued to expand her horizons, earning certification as a fitness trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM, CPT) in the USA in 2023.

Job Experiences

Her career journey began in the mid-1980s when she made her mark in the renowned ‘Hotel De Jordan’ and ‘Friday Special’ television drama series, a stint that spanned from 1984 to 1996. These television dramas, broadcasted by the Nigeria Television Authority in Benin, featured notable actors such as Chief Agbonifo Enaruna as Idemudia and David Ariyo as Kokoori, among others, as her co-actors. Simultaneously, she ventured into TV presenting with the same station, hosting ‘Children’s Time,’ a program tailored for children and teenagers.

Following her successful acting and presenting career, she transitioned into the field of marketing. She served as the Assistant Marketing Manager at Maranchelo Arts Gallery in Benin City, Edo State. During her National Service in Nigeria, she held the role of Sales and Supplies Manager at BZB Group Nig. Ltd in Port Harcourt from 1992 to 1993. Subsequently, her career path led her to various positions, as outlined below:

  • Executive Director & Legal Secretary, 2008 – Date BZB Group Nig. Ltd., Port Harcourt
  • Chairperson/ Managing Director, 1993 – Date Four Time Product Ltd.4
  • Past Chairperson/ Managing Director, Marine Base Community Bank, PHC. 1999 – 2006
  • Chief Executive Officer, Peretogu Integrated Services 2019 – Date
  • Past Managing Director/ CEO. Titare Micro Finance Bank Ltd, Phc. 2006 – 2015
  • Chairperson/ Proprietress, Titare Star Royal Academy (formerly Bereton College)1993 – Date
  • Chairperson, BOT, Foundation for Children Orientation. 2001-Date
  • President/Founder, LJADS foundation for Widows, physically challenged Aged & Orphans 2009-Date
  • Chairperson, NNEW (NECA Network of Entrepreneurial Women) South-South 2013-2016
  • Grand Patroness – Character Moulding Foundation 2022 – Date
  • Independent Director, University Press PLC 2001- Date
  • Managing Partner, Spiff Fitness and Health Institute – 2022- Date
  • Certified Trainer, LA Fitness International—2023 – Date
  • Certified Microfinance Banker and a Licensed Texas Healthcare Provider

Some Of Her Publications

Queen Josephine Diete-Spiff is a distinguished scholar with a notable body of published works spanning prose and drama. Her contributions serve as nourishment for the soul and a source of entertainment for readers. Some of her notable publications include:

  • ‘Angeligwu’ (Angel of Death) – A Play Text
  • ‘Strange Girl’ – A Play Text
  • ‘Mr. & Mrs. Series’ on NTA Benin City
  • ‘Five Years in Pastoral Ministry’ – A Novel
  • ‘Dare to Dream’ – A Motivational Novel
  • ‘Dare to Dream’ (For Teens) – A Motivational Piece
  • ‘True Worship’ – A Clarion Call to Intimacy with God”

These works reflect her dedication to literature and her commitment to inspiring and enlightening readers of various age groups.

Academic Publication

  • Determining Sustainable Strategies for Directors of Microfinance Banks in Nigeria – A Literature Review: Published in the Academic Journal of Interdisplinary Studies Vol. 3 No. 6, 2014. DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2014.v3n6p125. Published by MCSER Publishing Rome-Italy.
  • Exploring Sustainable Strategies for Executives of Microfinance Banks in Nigeria –Published in the International Journal of Finance and Accounting 2016. Vol. 5 No.2, 2016.pp. 120-125. DOI:10.5923/j.ijfa.20160502.05. Scientific & Academic Publishing, USA.

Humanitarian Endeavours

She has initiated and successfully executed numerous impactful projects to benefit various communities and individuals. Some of these notable initiatives include:

  • Donating water boreholes, tanks, generators, and channels to the Marine Base Community in Rivers State.
  • Facilitating the procurement of a 500KVA transformer from NDDC for the Mgbesilaru Community.
  • Securing local government assistance to repair community roads on behalf of the Mgbesilaru community.
  • Undertaking major maintenance work on the Kwuru-kwuru, Mgbesilaru Community Road.
  • Granting scholarship awards to deserving indigenes of the Mgbesilaru community.
  • Extending scholarship awards to 5 indigenes of Twon Brass Kingdom from 2016 to 2022, spanning a period of six years.
  • Awarding scholarships to 20 indigenes of Twon Brass Kingdom, Bayelsa State, from 2017 to 2023, courtesy of procurement through NAOC JV.
  • Providing scholarship awards to orphans and talented children.
  • Offering free skill acquisition programs to empower and train youths.
  • Contributing to free medical services for the Twon Brass Community.
  • Distributing scholarship awards to the children of members of the Widows’ Foundation, primarily in Bayelsa State.
  • Supporting the physically challenged with food, clothing, and accommodation.
  • Assisting widows, the elderly, and orphans in over 20 communities in the Niger Delta region, specifically in Rivers, Bayelsa, and Delta States.
  • Serving as an employer of labor, providing job opportunities to more than a hundred staff members.
  • Facilitating the procurement of empowerment and self-sustaining equipment for Twon Brass indigenes.
  • Donation of 200 Desk and Chairs to Twon Brass Community Schools
  • Assisted in the procurement of the building of Cold Room to women of Twon Brass Kingdom through NAOC JV
  • Support of building projects and donations of chairs etc., to churches across Nigeria.
  • Provided Jobs for over 50 Youths of Twon Brass Kingdom through foundation platform

These initiatives underscore her commitment to social welfare, education, and community development, positively impacting the lives of many.


Queen Josephine Diete-Spiff engages in a diverse range of notable hobbies and activities, including:

  • Preaching
  • Child Care
  • Assisting the Needy
  • Praying
  • Advocacy
  • Studying
  • Traveling
  • Teaching
  • Reading
  • Dancing
  • Management
  • Golfing
  • Historical Discovering
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Driving
  • Collecting Quotable Quotes”

Her wide array of interests and activities reflects her multifaceted and dynamic personality, showcasing her dedication to personal growth, community service, and self-expression.


Queen Josephine Diete-Spiff is married to His Majesty King Afred Diete-Spiff, the Amanyanabo of Twon Brass Kingdom. King Afred Diete-Spiff holds the distinction of having served as the First Military Governor of Old Rivers State and is currently a revered monarch in Nigeria. Their union was solemnized on the 13th of January, 1994, and has been blessed with children.

Her Royal Title

Her Majesty, Dr. (Barr) Dame Evangelist. Josephine Diete-Spiff JP holds the esteemed title of Twon Ibe Opuyingibo, which translates to ‘The Great Mother of Twon Brass Kingdom.’ This title was conferred upon her by her husband, His Eminence King Alfred Papapreye Diete-Spiff CFR, who serves as the Amanyanabo of Twon Brass Kingdom.


In 2011, she made her foray into the world of politics. Her Royal Majesty, Dr. (Barr) Dame Evangelist Josephine Diete-Spiff JP, entered the political arena as a candidate representing the PDP in the Brass/Nembe Constituency of Bayelsa State, running for a seat in the Federal House of Representatives. Despite her diligent efforts, her campaign did not yield success due to the absence of an election process. Instead, the party and the Bayelsa State Governor, Chief Timipre Sylva, chose their preferred candidate. In the same year, she threw her support behind the election campaign of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, doing so through her non-governmental electioneering organization called Zenith Nigeria Group Campaign Organization for Jonathan for President 2011, where she served as the Matron of the NGO.

Her Faith

In addition to her revered role as the Queen of Twon-Brass Kingdom and the Twon Ibe Opuyingibo of Brass Kingdom, Queen Josephine Diete-Spiff maintains a strong and profound connection to the teachings of Christ Jesus. Her spiritual journey aligns with that of her parents, who initially started as Anglicans and eventually embraced the Pentecostal faith.

Queen Josephine Diete-Spiff has remained a loyal member of the Anglican Communion her entire life, actively participating in the spiritual growth of individuals. Her unwavering commitment to the Anglican faith was formally acknowledged in 2006 when she was ordained as an Evangelist within the Anglican Communion. Subsequently, in 2021, she received the esteemed honor of being ordained as a Knight of St. Mary by the Anglican Commission of the Church of Nigeria in Bayelsa State. In addition to these roles, she also serves as a Lay-reader within the Anglican Communion.

Her commitment to her faith and active involvement in church activities highlight her spiritual devotion and leadership within her religious community.


In her prime, Queen Josephine Diete-Spiff was a highly accomplished and award-winning athlete hailing from the Niger Delta region. Her chosen sport was golf, an elite and demanding discipline in which she excelled. Her involvement in the golfing community was marked by significant leadership roles, including:

  • Vice President of the East-Nigeria Ladies’ Golf Union from 2002 to 2004.
  • President of the Nigeria Ladies Golf Union from 2003 to 2005.
  • Lady Captain of the Air Assault Golf Club in Port Harcourt from 1998 to 2000.
  • Her achievements in the world of golf underscore her dedication, talent, and leadership within the sport


Beyond her striking beauty, Queen Josephine Diete-Spiff stands as an embodiment of kindness and love. Her benevolent spirit and unwavering commitment to assisting those in need have made her a source of solace and support for many. The act of extending a helping hand brings her immense happiness and fulfillment, defining her as a true philanthropic force.

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