Muna Oluwatoyin Nyananyo (1955-2016)

Muna Oluwatoyin Nyananyo was a prolific school teacher who taught in the classroom for over 30 years. She was best known for her diligence and her uncanny ability to reach people in deep and positive way.

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Teacher, Administrator

Muna Oluwatoyin Nyananyo was a prolific school teacher who taught in the classroom for over 30 years. She was best known for her diligence and her uncanny ability to reach people in deep and positive way.

Who was Mrs. Muna Toyin Nyananyo?

Muna Oluwatoyin Nyananyo was born in Lagos in 1955 to a Nembe (Ijaw) and Yoruba parents. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Tennessee Knoxville United States of America (USA). Subsequently, she got a job as a teacher with the Federal Ministry of Education precisely at Federal Government College Port Harcourt, Rivers State and Federal Government College, Odi, Bayelsa State. She contributed immensely towards the development of both institutions in her sojourn as a teacher and retired as Deputy Director in 2015. Mrs Muna Oluwatoyin Nyananyo was a virtuous woman married to an erudite Professor (Barrister) Biobele Louis Nyananyo of the University of Port Harcourt. She, however passed on in 2016 at the age of 61.

Parents and Birth

Muna Oluwatoyin Nyananyo was born on Wednesday, January 19, 1955 in Lagos in the then Western-Nigeria. Her father was late Chief Samuel Diepereye Fetepigi-Ebifa from Nembe-Bassambiri in Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State and her mother was Madam Olufunke Juliana Adeoti of Adeoti family of IIugboro town in Ibogun Local Government Area in Abeokuta, Ogun state. It is worthy to note that her parents where well educated and hardworking as they both served in the public service of Nigeria. Chief Samuel Diepereye Fetepigi-Ebifa worked with the Nigerian Police Force, grew through the ranks and retired as a Commissioner of Police and her mother worked with the Federal Civil Service and retired meritoriously before her demise.

Early life and education

Muna Oluwatoyin Nyananyo was born in Lagos and raised up amid a cosmopolitan setting with all the usual trappings of life. Right from her youth, she had the grim determination and will to have a solid educational background; Her folks lived in Ebute Metta, Lagos in the early 60s where she started her primary education at the Methodist Primary School, Ebuta Metta in 1964 and mid-way through her Primary education in Lagos, she left for Enugu to stay with her paternal uncle Chief Itongha Fetepigi (now late) who was at the time a Provincial Secretary of Oji Rivers Province; She completed her primary education at Enugu in 1966.

In 1967, Toyin as she was fondly called gained admission into Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Grammar School (A.C.M.G.S), Elelenwo, Rivers State after passing the entrance examination. Before long, her stay at the Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Grammar School (A.C.M.G.S), Elelenwo was disrupted due to the emergence of the Nigeria Civil War (1967-1969). She left Port Harcourt for Nembe, and sought refuge in her paternal home town and there she stayed with her grandmother late Marie fondly called “Opu Mama” and Aunty Leah popularly called “Uncle Kala”. Aunty Leah and her grandmother instilled in her the culture and tradition of the Nembe people, kindness, love, and selfless service.

However, after her community (Nembe) was fully liberated by the Armed Forces of the Federal Government of Nigeria from the Biafian Army, Toyin continued her educational programme in Nembe National Grammar School (NNGS), Nembe in Rivers State. At the end of hostilities in 1970, she reverted to her former school ACMGS Elelenwo (at the Borokiri center) as the Elelenwo campus was completely destroyed as a result of the hostilities associated with the Civil War.

Afterwards, she sat for and obtained the West African School Certificate with a good result in 1976. Thereafter, she got admission into Federal Government College Rumuigbo, Port Harcourt, Rivers State and obtained the Higher School Certificate in 1977.

Toyin Muna, proceeded to the University of Tennessee Knoxville, USA in 1977 and studied for her first degree in Business Administration (B.Sc).

Subsequently, her zeal to further her education enhanced as she got a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and a Master of Education (M.Ed) from the University of Port Harcourt.

Career life

She was employed by the Federal Civil Service specifically the Federal Ministry of Education on Wednesday, February 18, 1987. Muna was deployed to the Federal Government College (FGC), Port Harcourt and she was later transferred to FGC, Odi where she taught Economics. Muna as popularly known as Mrs Nyananyo was adjudged the best Economics teacher during her sojourn at FGC Odi. She was a strict disciplinarian and instilled orderly behaviour in students and colleagues alike in the schools administered. She rose to the rank of Deputy Director, Federal Ministry of Education and Vice Principal (Administration), FGC, Odi. Toyin Muna retired meritoriously from the Federal Civil Service on Monday, January 19, 2015.


Mrs. Muna Oluwatoyin Nyananyo was happily married to Professor (Barr) Biobele Louis Nyananyo known in family circles as Uncle B. Bio and Biobele and they had three (3) biological sons and a foster daughter who was her cousin’s daughter.

Community services

She positively affected the lives of many young ones as a teacher and a mother. One of the medical doctors who treated her at the University of Port Teaching Hospital was her former student at FGC, Port Harcourt. As a devoted member of Our Saviour’s Chapel (OSC), Interdenominational Chaplaincy, University of Port Harcourt and one who supported the Music Ministry and the Youth body, she received numerous honours and awards from these bodies in addition to those from the main church.

Christian life

Mrs Muna Oluwatoyin Nyananyo was deeply religious, she embraced the Anglican faith from her secondary school, the famous ACMGS Elelenwo. Also, at the Our Savour’s Chapel of the University of Port Harcourt, she was a member of the following:

  1. Chapel Management Council
  2. Prayer Squad
  3. Evangelism Team
  4. Queen Esther group of the Christian Fellowship
  5. Women Christian Fellowship
  6. Fund Raising Committee

In the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, she featured as the following:

  1. A licensed Lay Reader (Anglican Communion)
  2. Member Women’s Guild Diocese of Niger Delta West
  3. Member Mother’s Union Diocese of Niger Delta West

At the Cathedral Church of St. Luke’s Nembe she was also:

  • Class Member of the Church
  • Leader of monthly rally, which is held twice in a year and severally her team won the male team.

Her Demise?

Mrs Muna Oluwatoyin Nyananyo reportedly took ill for a short while and slept as true Christians do, on 18 December 2016 in Port Harcourt. She was buried at her paternal home town Bassambiri in Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. She was 61 years old.

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