Perebo A. Dakolo (1957-1990)

He joined in challenging the status quo at the time, with a sincere intent to have a restructured Nigeria. A Nigeria that would embrace ‘Resource Control’ and rapidly grow or that would maintain the old structure and hit the rocks that it was invariably headed.

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Captain Perebo A. Dakolo was a fine and fearless Army Officer. He was best known for his role in the failed Major Gideon Gwaza Orkar led coup of 22 April, 1990.

Who Was Captain Perebo Dakolo?

Perebo Dakolo (1957 – 1990) hails from Ekpetiama and Otuabagi communities of Bayelsa State. He was one of the fearless army officers at the time that dared and demystified General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida military government in a failed coup of April 1990. Captain Perebo Dakolo wanted justices and resource control in the Nigeria federated state but his aspiration were dashed as he was court martial and executed for his role in the Major Gideon Gwaza Orka led coup. He was 33 years.

His Parents and Birth

His father was late Nathaniel Debe Dakolo of Gbarantoru in Ekpetiama Kingdom; a retired policeman and later a fire brigade officer who worked in Lagos and lastly became a community Chief. Madam Phebe Engigha Dakolo his mother, hails from Otuabagi in Ogbia Kingdom; a community that played host to the first crude oil exploration in West Africa in 1958.

Captain Perebo Dakolo was born in 1957 thereabout, and a survivor of a set of twins, and also the fourth child of his parents.


Young Perebo attended Ekpetiama Group School, which is now Saint John’s Primary School, Gbarantoru in the mid-1960s and got his first school leaving certificate. He proceeded to the Government Secondary School Oporoma in the present day Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State for his secondary education. But his educational sojourn at Oporoma was unfortunately obstructed due to the advent of the Nigeria civil war of 1967-1969. After the civil war, his parents transferred his school from Government Secondary School Oporoma to Okrika Grammar School in 1970; he completed his studies in 1976 and got his West Africa Examination Certificate.

After succeeding in his West Africa Examination Certificate WAEC, as it was customary at that time, he worked for a while at the Nigerian Ports Authority NPA, Port Harcourt and in the Rivers State Judiciary at Yenagoa.

Subsequently, in 1978 he commenced his Post-Secondary Educational pursuit at the College of Education, COE, Rumolumeni Port Harcourt, but he abruptly left the College of Education to follow his dreams of becoming a Military Officer, and his parents and siblings gave their full blessings.

In 1979, he was admitted as an Officer Cadet of the 25th Regular Course of the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA, Kaduna State. This seemed like his passion as he became an active member in his battalion – Dalet.

He obtained his NDACE, certificate during this period and then was commissioned in 1981 as a Second Lieutenant.

Extra-curriculum activities

Perebo Dakolo learnt to play hockey at Okrika Grammar School (OGS) and was able to represent Rivers State at the National Level while at the Rivers State College of Education. As a Cadet, he was a star hockey player for Dalet Battalion.

His Military Career

Captain Perebo Dakolo was an Infantry Officer of the Nigerian Army. He served in 123 Guards Battalion at Ikeja Lagos amongst other postings.

As an Officer who knew his onions, he commanded the Independence Day Parade in 1983 when Shagari was President.

He attended a long list of Military Course ranging from the Young Officer’s Course, YOC, to very specialized Courses like the pioneer, Airborne Course, Ranger Course and later the Amphibious Warfare Course.

Captain Perebo Dakolo also attended unarmed combat courses at the Physical Training School, Zaria, where he later served as an Instructor and acted as Commanding Officer until 1990.

He had earlier on served as a formidable Amphibious Warfare Instructor at Calabar, where his exploits have remained unequalled in the Nigerian military till this day and may so be for a very long time.

His Trait

Captain Perebo Dakolo was a charismatic and friendly Officer whose MOQ house at Ikeja Cantonment was a rendezvous for his fellow officers. He was a very reliable friend but a formidable foe to his foes.

His Agitation

He was an outspoken Officer that had the courage of a thousand extremely brave persons combined, and he noticed the skewed contraption of the Nigerian Federation early in his life.

As he was well aware that it was from the bowels of his ancestral homes that the best quality, low sulphur Bonny light Crude Oil and Gas were exploited.

He strongly felt that the pervading injustices, the unfairness of the lopsided Nigerian Federal system were genocidal to many, including the Ijaws of the Niger Delta, other minorities in the Niger Delta and elsewhere in the country.

1985 Coup

In 1985 while Perebo Dakolo was still a Lieutenant at the 123 Guards Battalion, he helped to execute the coup that brought General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida to power. Sadly, a 7.62mm bullet from an enemy pierced his broad chest, missing the lower end of his heart by just a few millimetres.

His Last Moments

A few years later, on the 22nd day of April 1990, he joined in challenging the status quo at the time, with a sincere intent to have a restructured Nigeria. A Nigeria that would embrace ‘Resource Control’ and rapidly grow or that would maintain the old structure and hit the rocks that it was invariably headed. That was the famous Major Gideon Orkah’s Coup against General Ibrahim Babangida.

When the coup failed, he chose not to abscond. He believed it would be cowardice to do so. He believed that a real man should take full responsibility for his actions, more so a Regular Combatant, Captain of the Nigerian Military.

Captain Perebo Dakolo was able to invariably put on record the nationalistic reasons for his actions in the coup, during his Military Court martial by the Military Junta of IBB. The General Ike Nwachukwu chaired Court martial sentenced him to death.

He was one of those who were subsequently executed in August of that year in the Lagos general area for his role in the April 22nd 1990 Coup detat in Nigeria. Captain Perebo Dakolo was 33 years.

Captain Perebo Dakolo was a happily married man with lovely children. The last of whom was born in November of that year as she was in the womb when her father was executed.

Timelesspersons blog, will also use this opportunity to honour the men that fought alongside Captain Perebo Dakolo for fairness and justice in Nigeria. We remember you all today gallant soldiers of Valour. Forever in our thoughts, soldiers of honour:
Major Gideon Gwaza Orkar, Captain N Harley Empere, Capt AA Nonju 
Lt. AE Akogun, Lt. CN Odey, Lt. Cyril O Ozualor, Lt. NEO Deji, 2/Lt AB Umukoro, 2/Lt EJ Ejesuku, SSgt Julius Itua, Sgt Martins Ademokhai, Sgt. Pius Ilegar, WO2 Monday Bayefa, L/Cpl Francis Ogo, L/Cpl Jepta Inesei, 
Cpl. Sunday Effiong, L/Cpl Sam Mbakwe, L/Cpl Albert Ojerangbe, L/Cpl Godfrey Deesiiyira, L/Cpl Emma Oyemolan, Sgt. Stephen Iyeke,
Cpl. Joseph Efe, WO Afolabi Moses, L/Cpl Idowu Azeez, WO Jonathan Ekini, S/Sgt Solomon Okungbowa, Private Richard Iseghoei, Private Egwolo Makpamekun, L/Cpl Edogamen Friday, S/Sgt Jolly Agbodowi, 
Sgt. Etim Umoh, L/Cpl Sam Obasuyi, Ex. Serviceman LC Otajareiri,  Ex. Pvt Osazuwa Osifo, Ex. Pvt CP Wasiu Lawal;
Ex. Pvt Peter Unuyoma, 
Ex. Pvt Synalman Goodluck Emefe, Ex. S/Sgt Samson Idegere Pvt. Emmanuel Onoje, Trooper Roland Odogu, Corporal Lateef Awolola, Pvt. Dickson Omenka, Corp Ehietan Pius, Private Iroabuchi Anyalewechi, Private Henry Eguaoyi, L/Cpl Martins Odey, L/Cpl Sunday Asuquo, Trooper Celestine Ofuoku, Pvt. Anthony Korie, Pvt Thomas Angor, Pvt Edem Basi, Pvt Joseph Odey, Trooper Obioma Esiworo, L/C Magnus Ekechi, WO2 Godwin Donkon, Sgt. Ojo Adegboyega, Pvt Peter Abua, Pvt. Phillip Akamkpo, Sgt. Shehu Onleje, Corp Olanrewaju Ogunshola, L/Cpl Luka Yang, Trooper Malkily Ayogu, L/Cpl Andrew Onah, Michael Ebeku,

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