Diete Spiff


Her Majesty, Dr. (Barr) Dame Evangelist. Josephine Diete-Spiff JP

Her Royal Highness, Dr. (Barr) Dame Evangelist Josephine Diete-Spiff JP is a humble, multifaceted, and accomplished figure from the Niger Delta region who has made a significant mark in various domains such as sports, movies, business, entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, academics, and more within the Nigerian landscape. She is undeniably a prominent supporter of numerous causes, a source of inspiration for the underprivileged, and, above all, a devoted follower of the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ

Prince A.E.O Amgbare (1947-2020)


Prince A.E.O Amgbare (1947-2020)

The deceased Apostle Prince A.E.O Amgbare, known by his full name Prince Alphaeus Egbonmokirikpon Okereke-Keme Amgbere (JP), was an attractive and cheerful individual who was modest in nature. He excelled in athletics and was a highly capable administrator who made significant contributions to the public service and sports community in both the old Rivers State and Bayelsa State in Nigeria.

Florence Akporero


Florence Akporero (1938-2020)

Elder Rev. Mrs. Florence Akporero achieved success as a thriving businesswoman during the 1970s. Subsequently, she pursued a career in education, becoming a certified teacher who imparted knowledge to numerous students in the former Bendel State. Most importantly, she was a dedicated disciple of Jesus Christ.

Patrick Ebitari Tekenah


Patrick Ebitari Tekenah (1948-2015)

He was a pioneer Personal Physician to the first Military Administrator of Bayelsa State and later appointed Permanent Secretary per excellence in 1998. He got his MBBS in 1974 at the prestigious University of Lagos, Nigeria