Major Ikata


Pedro Ayebanimiworio Adukpo-Egi-Ikata (1935-2021)

Alabo Pedro Ayebanimiworio Adukpo-Egi IKATA was a fine military officer and a respected community Chief the Niger delta has ever produced. He fought for the unity of Nigeria during the Nigerian civil war.

Floyd Zakana


Floyd Zakana (1956 – 2017)

He was a focused, and an amiable Anglican Priest/Evangelist that disdained unrighteousness in all totality especially filthy earnings. Floyd Iniyelefa Ayabo was contented in his sojourn as an evangelist and a Priest in the Lord’s Vineyard.

Williams Tadaerigha Dambo


Williams Tadaerigha Dambo (1923-1993)

Williams Tadaerigha Dambo was an Accountant-General of Nigeria and Director of funds Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC); He was a recipient of Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR).

Boma Tom Erekosima


Boma Tom Erekosima (1949-1996)

Boma Erekosima made the meanie Military Dictator and Head of State, General Sani Abacha to laugh profusely on one of his official visits to Rivers State.



Mercy Gboribusuote Alagoa (1927-2016)

Mercy Gboribusuote Alagoa was the first Nigerian to attain the position as Senior Manager and Buyer at UAC (United Africa Company) then and a prolific business woman in her prime.