Felecia Azibaodusi Belemo Walker


Felecia Azibaodusi Belemo Walker (1949-2002)

Felecia Azibaodusi Belemo Walker was a pioneer figure, being the first qualified pharmacist from the Ogbia region. Her impact extended beyond the confines of her hometown, shaping both the medical profession and the political landscape of old Rivers State and beyond.

Mr. Jonathan Einbaipreyo Oye


Mr Jonathan E. Oye (1953 – 2024)

Mr. Jonathan Einbaipreyo Oye, was from the Nembe Kingdom of Bayelsa State, was a distinguished professional administrator within the civil service of the former Rivers State and later Bayelsa State. He is widely recognized for his significant contributions as a formidable civil servant, particularly in his role as Permanent Secretary, where he played a pivotal role in advancing the development of the public service of both old Rivers State and Bayelsa State.

Dr Eric David Managete


Dr. Mangete Eric David Otorudigiyo (1939-2017)

Dr. Mangete Eric David Otorudigiyo, a distinguished medical practitioner hailing from Nembe, specialized in thoracic surgery, obtaining his degree in 1978. He dedicated decades of his life to the university system, using the ivory tower as a platform to provide altruistic services to humanity. At one point, he emerged as one of the top administrators in Nigeria.




Chief Boro Clever Ige-Edaba, a skilled and formidable real estate appraiser hailing from Emakalakala community in the Ogbia Kingdom, Bayelsa state, made significant contributions in the field of land valuation across Eastern Nigeria and the old Rivers state. Additionally, he served as a prominent and influential advocate for the Ogbia Brotherhood socio-political movement.

Chief Barrister Oluremi Ayodele Coker-Ineyougha (1945 - 2010)


Chief Barrister Oluremi Ayodele Coker-Ineyougha (1945 – 2010)

Chief Barrister Oluremi Ayodele Coker-Ineyougha was a versatile individual, serving as a Legal Practitioner, Politician, Philanthropist, wise and caring Chief, dedicated husband, father, grandfather, and a valuable member of his community, Nembe, where he became a naturalized member. He displayed a strong devotion to the Baptist denomination, embodying the qualities of a benevolent and honest gentleman. Additionally, he was recognized for his excellent oratory skills and critical thinking, a staunch advocate for justice, and notably, a superb cook, among other notable attributes.

George Olukutu Alagoa


Elder George Olukutu Alagoa (1928 – 2019)

He hailed from both Otuabagi in Ogbia Kingdom and Ogbolomabiri of Nembe Kingdom. Excelling in the public service of Nigeria since the 1950s, he served as a highly effective administrative officer, leaving a lasting impact on the sector. Beyond his deep passion for his profession, he was known for his exemplary character, marked by goodness to an extraordinary degree, and a man who embodied contentment.

Moses, Koriatimi Harold (1955 – 2023)


Moses Koriatimi Harold (1955 – 2023)

Moses Koriatimi Harold was a highly regarded educator hailing from the Nembe Kingdom in Bayelsa State. He made significant contributions to the advancement of education in the Niger Delta region and played a prominent role in the Pentecostal Christian faith in Nigeria.

Nathaniel Ingialasuogha Robert Yekorogha


Nathaniel Ingialasuogha Robert Yekorogha (1934-2021)

Major Nathaniel Ingialasuogha Robert Yekorogha, a revered community leader hailing from Nembe – Ogbolomabiri in the Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa state, played a significant role in the advancement of the Nigerian Military between 1955 and 1984

DJ Ekenyor Mohammad


Prince Ekenyo Mohammed Omieh

He is a highly regarded and accomplished DJ hailing from Nigeria’s Niger Delta region. DJ Ekenyo Mohammed, a well-known figure, has made significant contributions to the growth of the entertainment industry in Nigeria and beyond for more than thirty years. His skills on the turntables continue to captivate audiences and make him a sensation.

HRM Cadbury George Omieh (1918-2014)


HRM Cadbury George Omieh (1918-2014)

He is most renowned as His Majesty, the ruler of Odioama Kingdom. Odioama Kingdom is part of the Nembe-speaking community located in the coastal region of the Niger Delta. HRM Cadbury George Omieh held the throne for more than three decades, ruling for over 30 years