Major Ikata


Pedro Ayebanimiworio Adukpo-Egi-Ikata (1935-2021)

Alabo Pedro Ayebanimiworio Adukpo-Egi IKATA was a fine military officer and a respected community Chief the Niger delta has ever produced. He fought for the unity of Nigeria during the Nigerian civil war.

irigha eferebo


Irigha Eferebo (1947-2020)

Irigha Eferebo was indeed a wrestling and judo enigma who with his innate and uncommon skills, dominated his generation in the tricks of the trade,

Perebo A. Dakolo


Perebo A. Dakolo (1957-1990)

He joined in challenging the status quo at the time, with a sincere intent to have a restructured Nigeria. A Nigeria that would embrace ‘Resource Control’ and rapidly grow or that would maintain the old structure and hit the rocks that it was invariably headed.

mann abali


Mann Abali (1948-2014)

Mann Abali was a United Kingdom trained practical Banker and Accountant that kept footprints in the sands of time in Rivers State and federal Public service

Francis Forum Egele


Francis Forum Egele (1963-2018)

He was the Third Attorney to become a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) from Bayelsa State and first Bayelsan to practice law in Yenagoa Capital city, Bayelsa State.