George Olukutu Alagoa


Elder George Olukutu Alagoa (1928 – 2019)

He hailed from both Otuabagi in Ogbia Kingdom and Ogbolomabiri of Nembe Kingdom. Excelling in the public service of Nigeria since the 1950s, he served as a highly effective administrative officer, leaving a lasting impact on the sector. Beyond his deep passion for his profession, he was known for his exemplary character, marked by goodness to an extraordinary degree, and a man who embodied contentment.

Elder Samuel Iduabo Tarinyo (1938-2013)


Elder Samuel Iduabo Tarinyo (1938-2023)

Elder Samuel Iduabo Tarinyo hailed from the Otuogidi community in Ogbia Kingdom, Bayelsa state. He was a highly accomplished educator and a devout Anglican from the Niger Delta region, known for his positive contributions to the field of education and for embracing the true riches of life.

Charles Owaba

Foremost Minds

Ogbia Kingship (Obanobhan) Stool In Retrospection

Ogbia kingship stool (Obanobhan as traditionally called) has produced great minds as monarch since it was coined in 1958. These Monarchs in conjunction with the Ogbia Brotherhood fostered education, unity and gave the ogbia man a sense of belonging.

foremost judges of bayelsa state

Foremost Minds


In 1996 some bright minds of the Bench started the judiciary business of Bayelsa state. The laid the judicial foundation from nothing and they diligently built an enviable judiciary in Nigeria. They remain the best Judges, the Nigeria state has ever had.

Bernice orubo


Bernice Baratuapre Orubo (1932-2022)

Bernice Baratuapre Orubo a matriarch was from Otuabagi community in Ogbia kingdom of Bayelsa state. She was a famous and respected woman of substance, who judiciously worked towards the socioeconomic development of the Ogbia women from in the 70’s.

Anthony Ronari Orubo


Anthony Ronari Orubo (1953-2014)

Late Anthony Ronari Orubo (aka Mr Tee) was from Otuabagi community in Ogbia kingdom of Bayelsa state. He was quite a remarkable soul that kept giant footprints on the sands of time in the old Rivers state. A pacesetter was Mr Tee; he coined and managed businesses that imparted the landscape of Port Harcourt city.

Major Ikata


Pedro Ayebanimiworio Adukpo-Egi-Ikata (1935-2021)

Alabo Pedro Ayebanimiworio Adukpo-Egi IKATA was a fine military officer and a respected community Chief the Niger delta has ever produced. He fought for the unity of Nigeria during the Nigerian civil war.

irigha eferebo


Irigha Eferebo (1947-2020)

Irigha Eferebo was indeed a wrestling and judo enigma who with his innate and uncommon skills, dominated his generation in the tricks of the trade,

emmanuel joel igoniwari


Emmanuel Joel Igoniwari (1944-2007)

Emmanuel Joel Igoniwari was from Otuedu community of Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa state. He was a respected Jurist from the Niger Delta. Subsequently, he became the second (2nd) Chief Judge of Bayelsa state, Nigeria and His Royal Majesty Elect of Ogbia Kingdom.