mrs edgar


Mrs. Irene Nimibofa Edgar

Mrs. Irene Nimibofa Edgar was a distinguished and successful educator hailing from Brass Local Government Area in Bayelsa state. She played a significant role in advancing the educational sector, both in the former Rivers state and beyond. Her life was marked by remarkable achievements, having taught and guided numerous individuals who have excelled in their respective pursuits.

Tari Joshua (1975-2019)


Tari Joshua (1975-2019)

Tari Joshua was widely known as a reputable sports reporter and presenter, who imparted the media industry of Nigeria.

Patrick Ebitari Tekenah


Patrick Ebitari Tekenah (1948-2015)

He was a pioneer Personal Physician to the first Military Administrator of Bayelsa State and later appointed Permanent Secretary per excellence in 1998. He got his MBBS in 1974 at the prestigious University of Lagos, Nigeria

Luke Tubo Martha Oruwari


Luke Tubo Martha Oruwari (1939-2000)

Luke Tubo Martha Oruwari was widely recognized as one of the foremost church organist, and musician from the Niger Delta with a long list of appreciations and achievements.

Kesiye St. Sagbe


Kesiye St. Sagbe (1926-2007)

He represented the finest principles and traditions of the bar and bench. He also contributed towards the drafting of Laws and Edits of Old Rivers State