Christian Arobo Okoloba-Aziba


Chief Christian Arobo Okoloba-Aziba

I am Chief Christian Arobo Okoloba-Aziba, an esteemed Ogbia Chief hailing from Opume community in the Ogbia local Government area of Bayelsa state. My experiences encompass both a dedicated career in public service and active involvement in the realm of politics.

Janus Asungha Amaseimogha


Janus Asungha Amaseimogha (1947-2017)

Janus Asungha Amaseimogha hails from Opume community in Ogbia kingdom, Bayelsa state. He was a British trained Petrochemical Engineer that kept giant footprints on the sands of time in the academic circle. He was a foremost Ph.D holder in the field of Chemical Engineering. He delved into politics and succeeded as once elected council boss in the early 90s.

Francis Forum Egele


Francis Forum Egele (1963-2018)

He was the Third Attorney to become a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) from Bayelsa State and first Bayelsan to practice law in Yenagoa Capital city, Bayelsa State.